An excert from Stories, Thoughts and Humor from the South.

Snakes are not my favorite of all God’s creatures. In fact the Bible seems to indicate the snake equates to the devil. That says enough for me. I hate snakes as much as Indiana Jones.

In the South we see a lot of snakes. They are part of the area in which we live. As a result, we have snake stories. When you get a group of Southern people together you can usually hear a good snake story. These snake stories range from running over a snake on the road to confronting one in your yard. Here are a couple of my snake stories.
We had a man in my home area that was called Chicken. His mother and father did not give him that name. Like many of us in the South he had acquired a nickname from people he was around. Bud, Buddy, Slim, and other nicknames are more common in the South than Chicken. We played football against a team who had a guy nicknamed Tiny for the same reason. It seems Chicken got that nickname because of his reaction to snakes.
The story goes that he had taken his small child with him to get some firewood. It was early winter when you start to need heat in the house. Why a man would take a small child to cut firewood is unknown to me, but it is an important part of the story. He did have a lot of kids. So, maybe he had to take one to ease the burden on his wife.
Chicken drove into a wooded area to get the firewood needed for his home. Obviously to get firewood he had to go deep into the woods each time he needed it. Chicken cut down some trees and cut them up so he could have a fire and keep his family warm in the winter. The young child watched as his father worked until he had the amount of firewood he needed. The child was playing near the car, away form the ax and other tools Chicken was using.
After a few hours, Chicken had the firewood he needed. On the way home Chicken was pleased he had a lot of firewood in the back of his converted car. He had taken an old car and made it almost into a pickup truck. Why? It was cheaper to take an old car and make it similar to a truck than to buy a truck. The trunk was full of firewood. The trunk also included the backseat of the converted car. So the firewood was in the car up to the back of the front sheet. You could say it was an early attempt at making the first SUV.
Chicken was talking to his son as they drove home. He occasionally looked into the rearview mirror for traffic, as all good drivers do. All of a sudden he looked into the rearview mirror and saw a rattlesnake crawling among the firewood, headed for the front seat. Chicken quickly reacted.
He slowed down and drove the car to the side of the road. The car was left in drive, slowly moving forward into a small ditch while Chicken exited the car and ran down the road. He ran all the way home, which was about a mile away. Upon arrival his wife asked him where was the child and the car. He told her he had to leave the car because of the snake in the car. Chicken then realized he left the child in the car. He and his wife go back to the car he left. They find the child by the road crying, but okay. Chicken was looking for the snake as his wife comforted the child.
This story quickly found its way among the people in the area. Chicken was asked about the incident and why he left the child. He replied, “When it comes to snakes, it is every many for himself, including babies.”
Smile today and enjoy your life.

Lewis Johnson