Do you want to renew your marriage license?  Think about it a minute.  Would you renew your marriage license for a few more years, a lot of years, or would you let it expire?  Remember your spouse is probably not looking over your shoulder as you read this.  So you are allowed to think of your true desires.

We renew virtually all of our licenses.  We must renew our drivers license every few years or find ourselves in not allowed to drive.  In some states you have to re-qualify for your driver’s license by passing an eye exam, signs test, or maybe even a driving test.  If you have a fishing or hunting license you have to renew it.  Your dog has to have a license, and you have to renew that license also.  So, why not a marriage license?

Most marriages start out great, or at least good.  Bride and groom are smiling and have every intention for a long, loving, and enjoyable marriage.  Then life happens.  The stars in your eyes begin to fade as you deal with the stresses and decisions of everyday life. 

These stresses include mundane things like money, children, and buying things.  Couples disagree or fight about a lot of these issues.  Some couples seem to have fights about something every day, and night.  Maybe you can relate to this from your present or past relationships, or from living near a neighbor.  In a previous marriage I have experienced these unhealthy situations as well. 

Why should we have renewable marriage licenses?

First, it would practically eliminate divorces.  No one likes a divorce, other than divorce attorneys.  Divorce attorneys seems to make a lot of money on the misery of other people.  A marriage license that expires would enable a bad marriage to simply expire.  Then both can go forward with their lives.

Second, renewable marriage licenses would create competition.  If your marriage expires in six months and you want to keep it going, you would work to keep your current spouse interested.  That might create a more romantic atmosphere in the house. 

It would create more marriages.  Probably the average person would have six to ten marriages an/or renewals in their lifetime.  That would be a lot of fees.  The local government would benefit form fees they collect.  What would they do with those extra fees?  Hopefully not use it to bring in more refuges from Syria!

There are a lot of reasons to think renewable marriage licenses deserve consideration.  The most obvious I stopped improve current relationships and end bad ones without the legal system getting involved.  Maybe someone should campaign for this in the next election and see how many people want it.

Renewable Marriage?