Christmas in the South

It's Christmas time!  A joyful season that all of us should use to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  Yet, we seem to get caught up in all of the other things that Christmas typically brings.

  • Determining if to buy or how much to spend for gifts for people you rarely see.
  • Which set of family to see on which days so the fewest number of people get upset at you.
  • Telling your children they cannot stay at home and play with their new toys because they have to go see family members.
  • Looking at the Christmas tree on Christmas night after all of the family has gone to bed, reflecting on this important day, and how to pay all of the bills.
  • Smiling and appreciating gifts you really do not like and cannot or do not want to use.

My Mom and Dad found a Christmas plan that worked for them.  They gave each other a $20.00 bill each year.  They did the same on birthday and anniversary. 

Christmas is best with family and friends whom we love and care for.  Despite al of the oddities we all have, Christmas can bring out the best in all of us if we look for it.  Enjoy the relationships you have while you have them.  People do not live forever.  Friends and family members move away.